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Alternative Energies Technologies

Alternative Energies

As  result of the continued increase in energy consumption by humans we are facing two major problems, the first is that our traditional burning fuels like oil and coal are every year more difficult to obtain, and in the other hand, nuclear power has demonstrated to be potentially dangerous and risky. Our irresponsible use of them is causing the all already known climate change and ecological degradation, that must stop as soon as possible before we reach the point of no return in reestablishing our ecological balance.

We must be aware of the colossal pressure for our environment that will come when countries like China and India reach energy consumption levels similar to those in the first world countries, fortunately now the importance of this situation is well spread over the world and measures are being taken, although slower that desired. Here are some of the main energies being considered worldwide that will shape how the world generates energy in the next 20 years.    

Bio Fuels
Bio Fuels are produced by converting plants to bio-diesel or alcohol, in fact big plantations of corn and sugar canes are now harvested to produce alcohol to power autos and trucks, airplanes and other equipments, the country where that has economically produced and implemented these new fuels is Brazil. Additionally gas produced by decomposition of organic materials and waste from animals is in use to produce gas.
Some enthusiastic green thinker are using home made distilleries to convert disposed cooking oil from restaurants into diesel to run their own vehicles, it is worth to think in the millions of gallons of wasted oil that could be recycled.    

Ocean Energy
Ocean energy could be classified in four main types: Tidal, Waves, Ocean Currents and Thermal, this section review the most promising system.
Generated by the earth rotation and particular regional weather conditions, this is the most widely and economical use of alternative energies, gigantic wind turbines capable of generating over a megawatt of electricity are being installed world wide.

Uses the sun light, the most common is by mean of silicon solar cells that convert the sun energy into electricity or by heating a gas which expansion moves a piston o pump, also important is the use of direct sun light in solar domestic water heaters. This section will only deal with the photovoltaic effect of the sun light

Solar Energy, Solar Cells Photovoltaic Principles, Part One
Solar Energy, Solar Cells Photovoltaic, Principles, Part Two
Solar cells, Photovoltaic Principles, Semiconductors materials n and p
Solar Cells Material Types, Mono and Multicrystalline
Solar Cells Material Types, String Ribbon and Amorphous
PV or photovoltaic  Solar Panels Construction, Considerations Part  One
PV or Photovoltaic Solar Panels Construction, Considerations Part Two, Tabbing
PV or Photovoltaic  Solar Panels Construction, Considerations Part Three, Connections
Connecting a Solar Panels System Together, Requirements
Required Solar Panels Plus Other Components, DC/AC Converter
Required Solar Panels Plus Other Components, Battery and Charge Controller
How to Align Solar Panels toward the Sun Part One
Hope to Align Solar Panels toward the Sun Part Two

Uses the heated water and steam from the inner earth crust to propel electricity generation turbines.

Bio Fuels

Ocean Energy





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