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Physics Units Converter Calculators

Convert any type of unit into any other of any system or scale


Alternative Energies Tutorials:


Ocean Energy

Wind Energy

Solar Energy



Lean Manufacturing Tutorials:

The Seven Causes of Waste

The 5S

The 5 Whys

The 4 M’s +1

Cause Effect / Fish Diagram  

The 4W’s +H+W



Project Charter Example

Value Stream Mapping Introduction and Icons

Current or Present State Map

Future Sate Mapping

Cell Production

Kanban Production System




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Rsistors and capacitors colors code

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The bel, decibel , the dbm and the dbmv

Electrical noise definition and Thermal noise

Signal to noise ratio

Physical Constants


Electronic Warfare and Radar Systems Engineering Handbook

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Semiconductor Devices

A conveniently tabulated list of Semiconductors Manufacturers  not found in any other place, classified by their main line card for easy search and finding of semiconductor by their function applications and with direct link to their applications notes site.


Electronics Technology Information Sites

A selected list of the best and most engineering informative sites on line.


Science and Technology Discussion Forum

Open forum for the discussion of all topic related to Science, Technology and Manufacturing


Engineering Information by Categories

A selected and classified list of electronics topics and related fields, like antennas, filters, microwaves, op amp etc.


Free and Purchased Engineering and Science Software

Explore many free and purchased application software, from the best sources, many fully free, free RF filter design software, simulation software, spice software, microwaves software, RF design software communications software, cad, cam, mechanical design software, circuits simulation, circuit synthesis, mathematics software and much more.   


Free Science-Tek Magazines and Publications  

Subscriptions to a vast collection of professional technology, engineering, science, manufacturing, industry, production and green energies magazines, most subscriptions are free of charge for Canada, USA,  Mexico and for many other countries.


Regulatory Offices and Agencies and Standards

Regulatory government and private agencies  such as CSA, FCC, UL, etc.


Patents  Information

Information and links to help you in the patent process


Prototypes Developing Houses, Devices and Tools

This section is dedicated to specialized firms on prototypes ranging from PCB prototypes to test accessories and  related materials such as plastics cases etc.


IC’s Foundries  and IC Development Services

A selection of  companies related to the design and prototyping of integrated circuits from small runs to full production  


Certification Labs

List of selected companies related to provide products certification services


Operation Manuals

Search, explore and download almost any gadget, appliance or device operation manual for free

For phones, TV, audio, stoves, washer, power tool  etc.


Units Converters

Use these calculators to convert almost any physical unit into any other, and from the English to the Metric System, etc.


Tutorials on Lean Manufacturing Principles

Tutorials and articles on manufacturing productive tools such as 5S, 5Why’s, DMAIC, FMEA, Value Stream Mapping  and much more.


Tutorials Alternative Energies Technologies

Tutorials on alternative energies that will shape the future of the world, learn about  Bio Fuels, Ocean Energy, Wind, Solar, Geothermal


Earthquake Information

Tutorials, glossary and news on earthquakes as they happen around the world


Electronics and Electromechanical Distributors

Find the most important  electronics components and electromechanical distributors.


Links to Partners

Links to interesting sites

Jobs Portal

Use this practical and effective portal to find any job in science, engineering or any other job in any parts of the world.





Sections Directory