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Earthquake Preparedness Check List



This is probably the most comprehensive earthquake preparedness check list on the Internet, please print and use this guide to help you in preparing your emergency plan, this list is based on items more frequently requested by international and local support and relief agencies, 30 days supply could be for some exaggerated but remember that in the later major earthquakes and hurricanes in Japan and in USA, some people had to wait several days to receive sufficient water and food, some waited weeks before all the basic need supplies were received. Although some people may argue that planing with this guide is expensive, it is not in deed  because many of the items listed are already in your possession like your that old casserole or grill that you never use. Furthermore if you correctly label your perishables you can use them before their expiration date and simply replace them with new ones, you can plan to stock your emergency supplies by buying small quantities each week until reach the minimum level.

Believe me, if you ever need to make use of this stock you will be happy that you were prepared, if no needed, I hope not, just use it and replace the consumed items with new ones!


Earthquakes Section Index










Check Each Item

When Ready

Item Description



for Applicable Items Only

Quantity Per Person Minimum recommended

First Day

Storage Date,

Write Here the Date You Placed it in Storage




Drinking water


3 liters or one gallon per person per day for 30 days


Please do not go with FEMA, 3 days recommendation



Canned and non perishable food

(make your list)


30 days supply per person


You may include dried fruits, try to balance the food among proteins, fiber,  vegetable and fruit content


Manual multi purpose can opener


1 but 2 is better



Two are better






Minimum 30 days supply per person


Medications types as required



Over the counter

medication such as anti-diarrhea, aspirins,

anti acids etc.


Minimum 30 days supply per person


Stock as judged necessary





30 days supply per person


Must be of good quality, include Vitamin C



First aids guide manual


1 but 2 is better


If you never been trained  to provide first aids, be sure to get a good manual and read it in case you need it



Bandages strips


1 box


To treat small injuries and wounds



Band  Aids


1  box


To treat small hurts and wounds



Alcohol or peroxide


0.5 to 1 liter


To disinfect injuries,  wounds and to  disinfect accessories and hands



Antibacterial soap


1 bottle of 0.5 or 1 liter


To wash hands



Tablets to disinfect water


1 box


To make water potable



Gauze pads and rolls


1 or 2 rolls


To treat small injuries and wounds





1 unit


To treat small hurts and wounds





1 unit


To help cut bandages and other fabrics



Hand sanitizers


1 bottle


To sanitize hands in absence of water



Tooth paste


1 regular size tube per person





Tooth  brush


1 per person





Disposable rubber or latex gloves


Half a dozen to a dozen


To handle contaminated materials or debris



Eyes protection goggles


1 for each 3 or 4  persons


To clean debris and perform  ayes risky operations



Sterile eyewash Solution


1 bottle


In case somebody exposed to injuries or ayes wounds



Feminine napkins


As required by any female


If needed and not available, it would be a women nightmare



Sanitary paper rolls and pampers


As required by each family members for 30 days supply


Could you image yourself without sanitary paper or pampers for 30 days?



Disposable towels, cups, plates, forks, knifes, spoon etc.


As required for each family member for 30 days


To wash dishware  like plates and cups. Will make your life a lot easier



Set of cooking ware, bowls, casseroles,

Grills, steel knifes, etc


As needed


Stainless steel cookware is better



Cooking fuel like wood, gas or charcoal


Sufficient for cooking for 30 days


Needed if there is no gas, no electricity and your house is partially or totally damaged



Blankets, Jackets and other thermal cloth


As required per person and weather conditions


This is specially important in cold weather locations



Sleeping bags


1 per each person


This is specially important in cold weather locations



Camping tent


Size as required to accommodate all family members


This specially important in cold weather and rainy locations



Multi band radio powered by batteries with emergency services channel  


At least one, but two  or more is better


Prefer the ones with wind or solar charging, or have sufficient batteries stock and better a batteries solar charger



A set of walkie talkies or personal citizen band radios


1 radio for each family member to be in communication


I case of a major disaster like a earthquake, more likely your home phone and cell will not work, these personal radios could be your only communication with your family member while away looking for help or inquiring for other members



Extra batteries set for the radio, (alkaline or lithium type)


As required for the radio, two sets will be better


Try to use rechargeable ones and get a solar charger



Cell phone

Keep it handy and charged


1 per family member if possible





An extra  battery for your cell or a solar charger or any other mean to charge it




If Possible get a solar charger



List of family and close friends phones and physical and email addresses


Make one copy for each family member


Needed to get in touch with relatives and friend for help or to help them



List of Doctors, Hospital, emergencies services like firefighter, police, national guard etc. with phone and address  


Make one copy for each family member


Very important to keep this list handy for obvious reasons



Gas valve emergency turn off  tool, check where your gas valve is located




The gas valve must be turned off in case of major earthquake to avoid gas leaks, fires and explosions



Locate and get familiar with your house electrical breakers panel, Keep the access  clear from obstacles


Be sure that all your key family members understand how breakers are turned off



Live electricity could be very dangerous if your  house is damaged or destroyed, can cause fires,  fatal electrocutions, but it if combines with leaking gas is even much worst



One set of basic tools like a manual or battery operated saw, battery operated drill and screwdrivers, hammer, bars, wire cutting pliers, shovel, ax, some nuts bolts and nails, etc.


1 set, as judged necessary


Although these are optional items, they maybe very helpful in case you need to rescue a relative from a collapsed structure or to build a basic shelter, bed etc.



Gasoline electrical power generator plus spare gas


1, if can be afforded


This item is optional, if you live in a place where you can store one in a safe manner, this could be a very good idea, otherwise do not keep and store gasoline and other flammables, do not store  flammables inside apartments or regular houses, consult your fire department for advice and regulations, always play safe!



Bag your important documents and put them in a safety box, where they can be easily grabbed


As needed


Important documents could be your check book, credit cards, bank account, house and cars titles, ID, passports, and family pictures



Locate and pace all your emergencies supplies in a safe container


As needed


Be sure to select a location that could be free of collapsed structures and obstacles, instruct you family were and how to use it

Earthquake Preparedness Check List

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