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Future Sate Mapping, Part One


<< To current state mapping

Once the current state map has been defined, proceed to outline your future state map. Future mapping  outline involve four main steps:

1- Define the lean metrics that are important for the operation

2- Design the state to meet customer demand

3- Design of a continuous flow and a pull production system

4- Design of a good balanced production system or “heijunka”  meaning load leveling


The data must be collected by personnel well versed in their job and be responsible for it, make sure that the datum is accurate and updated. The data collected must be discussed and agreed on by the team members and led by the  project champions as stated in the project charter.
Define dates and groups responsible as required to be sure that all information required will be on time and with the expected reliability.  
1-Defining the Lean Metrics (varies with the nature of each industry)
1.1- Monthly inventory turnover
1.2- Days of inventory on hand based on production rate
1.3- Total value stream WIP (WIP= work in Process)
1.4- Total cycle time
1.5- Total lead time
1.6- Uptime
1.7- On time delivery
1.8- First time through capability
1.9- OSHA records (OSHA= Occupational Safety and Health Administration in USA)
1.10- Takt time
1.11- Pitch time
1.12- Overall equipment effectiveness or OEE


Starting the Future State Mapping

At this point is assumed that the current state map in well understood by all team members and all have had agreed on the data, because the future state map will change constantly during the process design, use a white board  with erasable dry markers or a rota folio (big sheets of paper that can be folded back) or even better use a Panaboard or similar device.

Important: Since the design of the future state will requires several adjustments, do not try to be very detailed at the beginning, the future mapping progress must have the approval of all team members and must agreed on so several changes could be possible.  


Production Control



1-1 Outline the customer, supplier and production control icons as in the figure.

2- Outline the shipping information.

200 units per day

20 units per container

10 containers per day


3- Focus on customer demand.

See details on how to

do it here

3.1 Determine buffer and safety inventories


3.2 Determine if you need Finished Goods Supermarket.

3.3 Define improvement methodologies to be used.

Review the best methodologies to improve your future state; a good starting point is always 5S, Quick changeover methodologies, autonomous maintenance,  waste reduction technics etc.



4- Focus on product flow.

You will have to design your production flow system See details on how to do it,

Cell production implementation must be included usually for low and medium production volume.


5- Leveling the production.

In this stage it is necessary to distribute evenly the shift production  to avoid cells or production lines to be stopped due to lack of product or clogged with excess.

CT= 38 Sec

CO= 10 Minutes

Avail= 27600   27600

Up Time= 98%

= 27048 Sec

Cutting and Forming


Assembly + Packing
CT=38 Sec
CO=0 Minutes
Avail =27600
Up Time = 100%
CT = 38 Sec
CO=2  Minutes
Avail = 27600
Up time = 99.5%

Continue Future Mapping Part Two