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The Semiconductor Foundry Industry.
What is an IC foundry? An IC foundry is the actual factory where the IC’s and semiconductors are manufactured. Most of the IC foundries integrate libraries of proven IC design blocks  that can be easy integrated into customs IC’s, for example the core of a 8085 microprocessor, the Z80 or analog or digital sub-circuit such as memory blocks, A/D or any other required subsystem can be integrated in to a new device or into a completely new system. The most popular IC design software packages are based on SPICE modeling and protocols that can be rapidly translated into the physical IC implementation.  



That Corp

IC foundry services

Silicon logic

Semiconductors consulting,  ASIC, FPGA and systems design

S3 Group

IC design and related services


IC foundry services

Austria Microsystems

IC  foundry services, design and prototyping


IC  foundry services, design and prototyping

Yahoo foundry directory

Yahoo directory of foundry services

TSMC Taiwan Semiconductors

IC foundry services

Chartered Semiconductor Manuf.

IC foundry services

Tower Semiconductors

IC foundry services

Dongbuanam Semiconductor

IC foundry services


IC foundry services

Flip Chip Technologies

IC foundry services

Wafer World

IC foundry services

European Implant Foundry

IC foundry services

Silicon Far East

Very comprehensive and good information on all aspects of IC’s and Solid State devices manufacturing


IC Foundry Services analog and digital

Peregrine Semiconductors

IC Foundry with specialty on Radio Frequency and mix mode circuits

Dongbu HiTek

IC foundry services for Analog and digital

Mentor Graphics

IC foundry related services, IC and PCB design plus software









Integrated Circuits (IC’s) Foundries and Design Services