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Wind Electricity Generator Block  Diagram





The picture below depicts a generic wind turbine generators bock diagram connected to a solar panel system to assure continued power using the two systems together.


This kind of arrangements in which both wind and solar energies sources are connected will be more and more common because a constant strong  wind flow can not be given for a long period of time and at the same time the solar panels are not operational at night as opposite to wind generators.


Please be aware of the many types of systems architecture, this is just one of them. Single units for wind generators range from just a few watts to all the way up to several megawatts are now in service with utilities services companies world wide.

Wind Turbines in Europe

96 DC Volts




Pole or Tower

Rotor Blades

Air Speed Sensor

Air Direction Sensor

Induction or Synchronous Generator

 Gears Box


Vane (Normally used on Turbines Smaller Than 10KW)

Electronics, Computer Interface and Communications Box



or Power


AC to DC Converter


DC to AC


Power Source



Final User

DC Voltage


Utility Company

Solar Panel

Wind Turbine and Solar Panel Hybrid System

Air speed increases

with height

Air speed slows
down at lower

Picture copy rights by:


Shaft Speed Sensor, Control and Brake